Director of a large company

A 45-year-old Director of a large company was experiencing anxiety and depression. He had been taking prescribed medication which took the edge off of his symptoms, but they were limiting his ability to function at work. His anxiety prevented him from taking his children to the places they liked to go, and, with his depression, he was struggling to get out of bed each morning, let alone be able to enjoy his day.

He reached out to NO TIME LIKE NOW® in a desperate attempt to feel like himself again. During his first session, he felt reassured he was not alone; with 1 in 3 people experiencing a mental health condition each year, NO TIME LIKE NOW® had worked with many people in his position. He was interested to learn how hypnotherapy, alongside Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), can create dynamic change in just a few sessions. After discussing the issues he was facing, he got to experience hypnotherapy for the first time and, whilst initially sceptical, realised it was the most relaxed he had felt in a very long time! He thought being hypnotised would mean he would ‘cluck like a chicken’ or ‘eat a raw onion’ without even knowing he had – how wrong could he have been! Hypnotherapy is simply a deep ‘state’ of relaxation, whereby the conscious mind switches off, and the subconscious is more prevalent. As the subconscious mind is where we store all our emotions, our experiences and our values, it’s where the ‘root cause’ of the issues we experience are held. Using hypnosis means we quickly access the subconscious mind, but you are always aware of anything that happens and always in control.

Over the following week, he listened to the hypnosis recording we sent him at least once each day and, by his second session, reported feeling much calmer than he had done in a long while. Whilst he still experienced anxious or low moments, he had significantly improved. The second session involved ‘peeling back the layers. Whilst there is always a ‘root cause’ to the issues we face, layers often build up throughout our lives – the backpack of the problems we’ve been carrying rather than letting them go. He found this experience to be both simple and effective, instantly reporting feeling lighter and freer than he had for over five years.

By the third session, he was confident in the process, having already realised the positive impact of the previous sessions. This session is where the ‘magic’ happens. Working directly with his subconscious mind, simply by answering a few questions, the root cause was discovered and ‘reframed’ using a simple NLP technique. He was shocked; something that seemed so irrelevant to him at the time, a teacher telling him ‘you’ll never make anything of yourself, had triggered an ‘I’m not good enough thought’ in his subconscious mind. Since then, any adverse event, any small failure, had increased this belief to the point where his self-esteem was so low that anxiety and depression were the results!

The fourth session included TimeLine Therapy, another dynamic tool we use to double-check all the work is done. It’s coming behind with a broom and sweeping up anything else that needs to be managed. Some minor events, such as bullying in Primary School, were dealt with, and then he was free to live the life he deserved.

He continues to visit NO TIME LIKE NOW® every month, ensuring he stays on track. He uses the sessions to focus on positive mindset techniques and goal setting.

Nicki Williamson

Nicki is a qualified trainer, advanced hypnotherapist, Neuro Linguist Programming practitioner and founder of NO TIME LIKE NOW®. Nicki has over 25 years of senior management experience in the corporate world, giving her a real edge in understanding business as well as individual needs. Alongside her years of experience working with school-age children, Nicki is uniquely able to build resilience for adults and children alike.

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