An Academy of three schools

An Academy of three schools in Suffolk recognised that at least 25% of pupils in each class were not achieving their expected grades in exams and tests. School refusal was common for many of their children. Coupled with a ‘needs improvement’ Ofsted grade, they realised it was time to focus on the children’s emotional well-being as much as their academic results.

The ShineTime programme from No Time Like Now® was proven to deliver measurable results in confidence, resilience and self-esteem. So they decided to train their staff to deliver the programme across all three schools.

NTLN delivered the ShineTime ‘Train the trainer programme’ to two staff members from each school. The training ensured each staff member had the knowledge and skills to deliver the programme directly to their pupils. Over the two full days of training, each staff member learnt how to deliver each programme module. The language to use, the specific techniques and how to overcome any challenges they may face during delivery. Having experienced the techniques during the two days, they also understood how powerful they are in making a positive change to build the resilience of their pupils.

Because each programme is measurable and to ensure consistent delivery, a ShineTime coordinator was nominated by the Academy. The coordinator was then trained to support all three schools. The training includes all the documents needed to gather feedback and analysis before and after the programme is delivered. To ensure each school could measure the results they achieved.

The school then began to roll out the ShineTime programme to groups of six children, one hour each week, over four weeks. The school gathered feedback and analysis from each child, parent and class teacher at the start of the programme. The feedback showed high levels of worry across the group and low levels of confidence and happiness. Supported by NTLN as part of their licencing agreement, they felt confident and competent to deliver what was required.

During the weekly sessions the school delivered, each child left the sessions feeling empowered, and teachers across the school began to recognise their positive changes. The school then repeated the feedback and analysis process at the end of the programme. Each and every child benefitted from an increase in their happiness and confidence levels as well as a marked reduction in their level of worry. And it wasn’t just the children that noticed. The feedback from their parents and class teachers agreed!

Teachers reported, “They seem much happier in the classroom environment and calmer. Her results moved from 16 in her test before taking part in ShineTime to 36 after completing the programme!” “Their confidence has shot up! His resilience to deal with things thrown at him has massively improved. His outlook on his KS2 SATS has changed to a more positive view.”

Children reported – “I feel more confident and happier than usual” and “I feel more confident, calm and relaxed.” One child was experiencing OCD before the programme. Every night she needed to touch four objects in her bedroom, four times in a specific order, before going to sleep – or a family member would die. After ShineTime, she reported, “I have not been touching objects because I think something bad is going to happen because I’m more relaxed!”

Nicki Williamson

Nicki is a qualified trainer, advanced hypnotherapist, Neuro Linguist Programming practitioner and founder of NO TIME LIKE NOW®. Nicki has over 25 years of senior management experience in the corporate world, giving her a real edge in understanding business as well as individual needs. Alongside her years of experience working with school-age children, Nicki is uniquely able to build resilience for adults and children alike.

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