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Shine Time for schools and education

An Academy of three schools

An Academy of three schools in Suffolk recognised that at least 25% of pupils in each class were not achieving their expected grades in exams and tests. School refusal was common for many of their children. Coupled with a ‘needs improvement’ Ofsted grade, they realised it was time to focus on the children’s emotional well-being […]

Your TIME, live the life you deserve

Director of a large company

A 45-year-old Director of a large company was experiencing anxiety and depression. He had been taking prescribed medication which took the edge off of his symptoms, but they were limiting his ability to function at work. His anxiety prevented him from taking his children to the places they liked to go, and, with his depression, […]


Engineering company in Norwich

An engineering company in Norwich with 150 team members was experiencing high sickness absence rates and low staff engagement. The absences recorded for the past year, purely related to mental health or muscular-skeletal, were 900 days across the team, averaging six days per person. It’s essential to look at your muscular-skeletal absence reasons as, on […]

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