The Importance of a holistic Workplace Wellbeing Strategy

There is a unique culture within every business, no matter what the size and it’s important to understand there is no one size fits all strategy to support you. Your company’s strategy needs to be fit for purpose, not only for the needs of your team but for your business itself.

Whilst some companies understand their requirement to meet HSE guidelines for managing stress in the workplace, many don’t realise the benefits for them as a business in providing proactive wellbeing support for their teams.

Some companies will use an Employee Support Programme (EAP) to provide counselling for team members once they have triggered signs of stress, anxiety or depression but, what if you had the culture, knowledge and support, to help your team before they reach this point?

Many companies have ‘wellbeing’ support outside an EAP such as providing their team with a gym membership, cycle to work schemes and health insurance but seem to miss the fact that, if their teams lack resilience and are unsure about how best to manage their mental health, then they risk low staff engagement, high absence rates and poor productivity.

NO TIME LIKE NOW® steps into your shoes to understand the issues you face and, working with you and your team, develop robust, holistic strategies that meet the needs of your team and your business.

What’s involved when training Line Managers in Mental Health Awareness?

Managers with many years’ experience often have the skills required to effectively communicate with their teams however, managers new to the role of managing people may need some extra support. That’s why NTLN tailor the training to your business’s needs with a one-day training course for experienced line managers as well as a two-day course for those new to the role or less experienced in people management.

Both courses provide the training, knowledge and skills you need to competently and confidently support your team and include: –

  • How to spot the signs and symptoms of poor mental health
  • Understanding possible causes and the coping mechanisms
  • Developing rapport – the basis of meaningful conversations
  • Carrying out risk assessments that empower the team
  • Analysing and action planning the results of the assessments

With NO TIME LIKE NOW®, you can be sure your team are trained, coached and supported to embed a culture of positive mental health in your business.

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Nicki Williamson

Nicki is a qualified trainer, advanced hypnotherapist, Neuro Linguist Programming practitioner and founder of NO TIME LIKE NOW®. Nicki has over 25 years of senior management experience in the corporate world, giving her a real edge in understanding business as well as individual needs. Alongside her years of experience working with school-age children, Nicki is uniquely able to build resilience for adults and children alike.

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